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Private, Duo, and Group Sessions available! Max class size of 4 clients.

Individualized programs to accommodate all fitness levels! At Pilates Fusion we work with a maxium of 4 clients. By keeping the classes small we can focus the attention on each participant. Instructors are able to keep each class challenging but also modifying for any individual as needed.


Get ready for a total body strengthing, sculpting, and conditioning workout! Our PowerROW class mixes cardio blast on the  WaterRowers® with strength training utilizing free weights, TRX®, body resistance, and core conditioning. Challenge your endurance, power, and strength.

Pilates Fusion trainers are small group instructors dedicated and attentive to YOU. Best practices on Focus, Form, and FUN!

Our Mission

To service clients of all fitness levels because every body deserves it! Our trained and highly professional instructors are passionate about providing methods of effective strength and low-impact cardio techniques for a complete fitness experience.

"In 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a completely different body." - Joseph Pilates

Strengthen, transform, and connect your mind and body! Reveal all your strengths at Pilates Fusion!  

Call us with any questions or book your appointment directly at (973) 304-4884 or pilatesfusionllc.com.

We look forward to starting a fitness journey with you!

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About Our Team

Pat Curcio, Owner


Certified Mat Pilates

Certified Pilates Reformer I

Certified  Spinning®  Instructor

PowerROW Instructor

TRX Trainings Instructor

Pat has been an avid Pilates student and spinner since 2007. She fell in love with Pilates immediately! She was always active and exercised regularly but nothing transformed her body like Pilates did and nothing kept her focused and excited for each and every class. She felt stronger than ever and noticed positive changes in not only her appearance but overall health and well-being. She truly believes that no matter your age or fitness level, health and strength are not only possible but achievable in a fun and safe manner. She loves the combination of Pilates and rowing, along with strength training to meet her strength and cardiovascular goals. Pat is excited to share her expertise with her amazing students at her Pilates Fusion community!

Theresa Barry-Hornish


Certified Mat Pilates

Certified Pilates Reformer I 

Certified WaterCoach Professional 

PowerROW Instructor

TRX Trainings Instructor

Theresa started as a Pilates Reformer student in 2005 and it has truly transformed her body, but more importantly, she saw a significant change in her overall strength. She wanted to share her experience and love of Pilates so she began her formal training in 2014. Soon after completing her Mat Pilates training's, Theresa was in a near fatal car accident. She and her family quickly realized that her total core strength not only helped her survive the accident but aided in her speedy recovery, and the doctors agreed! Upon her recovery, she wanted to broaden her knowledge and took her certifications in Pilates Reformer I, followed by training's in Rowing & TRX classes. She is passionate about combining all three fitness modalities for a total HEALTHY-STRONG body!!

Dani Bryan


Certified Mat Pilates

Certified Pilates Reformer I

Office Manager at Pilates Fusion

Colleen Starczak


Certified Mat I & II 

Certified Pilates Reformer I

Specializing in Private Reformer Classes for Pre & Post Partum clients

Our "Pelvic Floor" Specialist!!

Colleen is a licensed physical therapist and has been in practice since 2002. She received her Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Temple University. Colleen has always loved practicing Pilates herself and saw the benefits Pilates-based exercises made with her patients. She become a Pilates instructor in 2016 through Balanced Body. She integrates her physical therapy and women’s health background and her knowledge of anatomy and movement into her Pilates teaching.

Barbara Burke


Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Certified Spinning® Instructor 

Barbara has been instructing group fitness classes for approximately 9 years. She is currently holds certifications and licenses in: ASFA, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, Core Bar HIT, MadDog, TurboJam & Pound, and CPR/AED. She is also holds belts in tae kwon do and karate and trained in self defense with Defence Lab. Her fitness model is “if it’s not fun, you won’t stick to it,” so she strives to incorporate fun into all her sessions to drive her clients' success.

Paula Hegyi


Certified Group Fitness Instructor

PowerROW Instructor

TRX Trainings

Paula fell in love with dance as a young girl and trained in both Los Angeles and New York in styles such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and tap.  She worked as a choreographer and director for children’s performances before beginning a successful career as a Television Producer.  After a break from both TV and dance to have children, Paula was ready to get back into shape and back to dance.  She discovered Boogie Box Fitness and fell in love!  She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Boogie Box coach and has been teaching fitness for over 9 years. She is the mother of two boys and loves inspiring both adults and kids to get moving.

Caroline Chow


 Certified WaterCoach Professional

PowerROW Instructor

TRX Training Profesional

Caroline has been physically active from a young age, being a three-sport athlete and an All-State lacrosse player in high school.  She continued onto college, playing Division I lacrosse at the University of Pennsylvania.  After which, she “got busy” pursuing a career in merchandising and retail buying, while balancing three young children at home.  Roughly 10 years ago, she committed time to herself to re-engage and adopted a number of new disciplines like strength and flexibility training.  Today, Caroline continues to challenge herself physically and mentally through a balanced regimen of functional fitness/HIIT training, spinning, pilates, rowing, bootcamp, running, and barre.

Corrin McCarthy


 Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness

Corrin is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor specializing in Pilates, functional/body weight resistance training, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Inspiring others to find fitness fun, she continues to challenge and educate herself to stay current, informed, and professional. Rowing instruction provides another opportunity to share her energy and experience with others as they reach their inner power. In class, she shares her love to move, groove, and have fun at Pilates Fusion with our fantastic clients!

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